Huawei Lorenteggio Village

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. the Chinese company of telecommunications, has launched its new Head Quarter in Milan in the Lorenteggio Village.

Abraham Liu, the current vice president of Huawei Europe has revealed how in the last 18 years, Huawei and Europe have grown together. Europe is their biggest market besides China. He also added that in the last decade Huawei has provided products and services in Europe for about 40 billion dollars, increasing the employment, and creating 23 research and development institutes.

Thomas Miao, Huawei Italia CEO ha salso declared how the opening of this new HQ not only meets the growth necessities of the company, that to this day employs more than 800 people in Italy, 85% of which are locals, but also to the will to open the doors to operators and public/private companies to know and touch the ICT innovations and solutions with which they want to keep contribute to the digitalization of the country.

In this new location will be installed the Innovation, Experience and Competence Center (Iecc), within which there will be the chance to experiment the technology vision of the Chinese colossus, among which the smart antenna, developed by Huawei, equipped with Massive MIMO technology used in the 5G trials of Milan, Bari and Matera to increase the transmission capacity of the 5G cell.

In the exhibition area, the Intelligent Operation Center will show how the management in real time of the traffic, the climatic-environmental monitoring, the optimization of transport and parking, the smart waste disposal and the smart management of the energy will improve the life quality and the management of public risources.