MDW19 Kvadrat

In Via Archimede 26 Raf Simons e Kvadrat design and textile innovation leader since.

It’s been five years since the Danish textile’s supporters have collaborated for the first time with Raf Simons.

Now he is at his sixth collection and the evolution of his essence is landing at Garage 21, location exclusively managed by our company Consolo Real Espace, where Simmoms explores the ‘micro architecture of textiles and yarns’.

The exhibition design of FuoriSalone 2019 is called “No Man’s Land”, and you can visit it from Monday, April 8th, until Sunday at 18:00 in Via Archimede 26.

Kvadrat and Raf Simons created a brand new exhibition in a bright location which perfectly suits their style. The floral installations and the interactive wooden structures complete the design and innovation atmosphere that characterize these important names.

The exhibit will include food delicacies, thanks to a part of the location dedicated to the Rochelle Canteen cuisine of London.