MDW19 Inspired in Barcelona

In Via Dante 14, Milan, there’s only one destination: Barcelona, the project Inspired in Barcelona: Mediterranean Design.

The space exclusively managed by Consolo Real Espace, lands an explosion of colors and lines of the Spanish design.

More than 100 design products from the best brands inspired by virtues and Barcelona lifestyles.

Some of the brands that partecipated to this amazing design exhibition:

BCD – Barcelona Centre de Disseny in the center for the design promotion in Barcelona. It handles the promotion of innovation, the creative talent and the projection of the Barcelona design in the world. It promotes the design as a transformation element for the competitiveness, the sustainability and the improvement of people’s life quality contributing to make the Barcelona brand an international benchmark for design.

The “Col·legi de Dissenyadors d’Interiors i Decoradores de Catalunya” is an enthity of public law that watches over the profession, it checks the professional deontology of its members and makes compatible its interests and the society ones to whom it addresses its services, inside the Catalogna territorial area.

Catalonia Trade & Investment, with headquarter in Barcelona, Catalonia Trade & Investment is a government agency of Catalogna dedicated to the development of the territory businesses. Thanks to 36 offices spread worldwide, of which one active in Milan from 1989, promotes Catalan companies, supporting internationalization and innovation processes. It’s also responsible for the research and selection of potential foreign investors.

Emiliana design Studio/ Ana Mir +Emili Padrós

Emiliana design Studio was launched at the end of the 90’s from a concept of Ana Mir and Emili Padrós, after finishing the Industrial Design master at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. Since the beginning the work of emiliana design studio has been characterized by a transverse and multidisciplinary approach allowing them to develop a solid and heterogeneous professional career.

The definition of the creative process concept, the context inquiry – spatial, cultural, and social -, the experimentation of materials and new typologies, the attention to details and the idea to always focus on the individual, are constant that reoccur in all the team’s projects.

“We work on projects that represent a challenge for us and we always face them with generosity and enthusiasm, and with the maximum technical precision, whether it is an industrial product, a unique piece, a space, an exhibit,…”

The external space inside the typical Milanese courtyard and the two rooms are completed by innovative products and an admirable style.

It has been a pleasure for our Consolo Hub team to have hosted this wonderful FuoriSalone 2019 event.