Conceived and designed by Michele Perlini, NO.MADE is a prefabricated module, a tiny movable accommodation of almost 30sq mt.

A device for urban scenic designs or uncontaminated landscapes, up to become a floatable house. A 3 x 9 m module, defined by a structure in corten steel and with particular attention to the comfort  of the interiors. One of the four facades is made completely wit glass, to allow you to have great views of the surroundings.

“I conceived NO.MADE as a small place where to isolate yourself, to escape the everyday life and enjoy the nature or the urban in which NO.MADE will be placed. A space to reside where materials, furniture and any little detail are thought and designed to create an enchanting and familiar atmosphere able to show new and original landscapes everytime” – Michele Perlini.

With a strong aptitude for sustainability that the architect Michele Perlini marks in any of his works (expert consultant CasaClima has made its first preservative restoration CasaClima classe “A“ Nature in Italy, and the first CasaClima Welcome in Italy) even for NO.MADE the studio of energetic consumption has been the priority and has guided the planning choices: the glass has a low emissivity, extra clear and antiglare. The facades in mineral panels with a high density, a very low transmittivity and covered in fiber cement grant a high energetic efficiency.

The internal space is designed as an open space, where living area, night are and a bathroom are one after the other, and can be separated by sliding panels; the wall coverings with oat color make the space uniform and homogenous. The furniture of NO.MADE are tailor made by Michele Perlini and designed as integral part of the project.

Handmade, they mark once again the extreme attention that the architect has for the environment, through his natural material choices for the couch and the bed, with solid hickory wood structures and coverings with natural fabric, silk, cotton – to be integrated with recycled plexiglas or corten accessories designed for the max comfort (magazines cabinet, tray,  tablet holder, reading led light and cigars holder).

The bathroom has a freestanding sink and the shower with chromotherapy included will allow you to enjoy the panoramic views through the glass wall; the mini kitchen features also a tiny table is good for a breakfast or a quick lunch, but also for a candle light dinner. Also the lighting project, with spotlight and light cuts in the ceiling is meant to recreate a soft and enchanting atmosphere.

Our company Consolo Produzioni has collaborated with Michele Perlini and his team for the second year in a row, offering our experience for the logistic and the permits needed for the installation of this structure in Via Dante 2 ( Piazza Cordusio ).