The home automation

Italian Short Rent is a company that works with passion in short and medium term apartment rentals.

You can’t absolutely say that this company doesn’t keep up with the times, indeed, some of its apartment are equipped with home automation.

These houses smarter and smarter will allow you to manage automatically everything that happens inside them. You could control through your smartphone or computer all the electronic and mechanical appliances of your house, guaranteeing a remarkable energy saving and simplifying the management of everyday activities. A real revolution of the way of living.

You will have a total control of your home, remotely and from home. You will be able to turn off and on the lights in all the rooms, control in real time who is buzzing at your house thanks to a ring bell equipped with a camera, activate and disable the heater and the A/C, open and close the blinders, turn on and off all your audio and video systems, and much more!

The home automations are also very easy and intuitive to use. The system is manageable from one platform, so that you won’t have to take with you many and useless remotes.