Shopping online

Let’s be honest, why should we go out, look for stores, sometimes even far, have to deal with the chaos of the crowd, stay in lines and get stressed?

Luckily we now live in the future and if we want to buy anything we want we can trust the inevitable internet. The online shopping became more and more frequent. Is easy, fast, cheaper and if what you bought isn’t exactly as you expected you can simply give it back with a full refund.

The online shopping though isn’t all fun and games. If from one hand it made things easier and faster, on the other it brought along frauds and not reliable websites.

The italian polizia postale, that in the recent years had to deal with a considerable increase of reports, decided to share some advices to try to avoid frauds and to be able to point them out and then report them. First of all always check if the website has the VAT registration number, an actual HQ, and email address on any other contact  to reach the company. Remember then to look at the comments, try to avoid products without comments or too many bad reviews. Moreover is better to use a debit card to prevent data fishing.

Anyway there are many websites that are known to be the safest and the best, among them Amazon, Zalando, Asos, 21Buttons, BonPrix e Yoox. Or you can still try to leave your home and go to a good all fashioned store.