MDW19 Corà Parquet

Corà Parquet, Milano Design Forest: the “forest” of wood. Colors and innovation to decorate the Armani Café square.

On the occasion of the 2019 Salone del Mobile, Corà1919, leader in the trade and production of wood, brigs its 100 years of history through the Corà Parquet division.

The company take up the current challenge of the industry to explore new sceneries that will support the convergence between the design and the creation of natural finish: horizontal surfaces become walls coverings and home furnishing, making communicate the spaces in a stylistic continuum. The “Milano design Forest: il bosco dei legni” concept that decorates with wood, colors and manufacture the trees of Corà Parquet, a suggestive open air gallery of wooden crowns that will characterize the center of Milan, wood kinds with which furnish the locations, bringing the nature and the welfare in the life spaces.

With this goal the Corà1919 forest, introduce a modular system of coverings and décor with an innovative and functional design, planned by the passionate Corà Parquet laboratory, enriched by the crown of each tree with different types of wood to represent some of the many decorative possibilities available in the interior design world. The philosophy that inspired “Milano design Forest: il bosco dei legni” takes its origins from the analysis of creative necessities of designers based on organizational models always more flexible, functional and variable. The project is the result of a constant technology research that respond to the efficiency and adaptability’s necessity, but that also satisfy the gaze of who lives and choose this material.