MDW19 Agapecasa

Behind the Scenes Agapecasa and Stellar Works at Galleria Manzoni on the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2019.

The theatre becomes the scope of research and reflection of Agapecasa, in collaboration with Stellar Works, sensitive and refined partner.

The nature of the chosen location completely inspires and expresses the project, by Camilla Benedini: we are in the gallery in front of the historical Teatro Manzoni, designed by Alziro Bergonzo at the end of the 40’s. the architectural ensemble, that through the years hosted different prestigious business realities, proudly shows its signs of aging.

The Galleria Manzoni exclusively managed by Consolo Real Espace and MyEvents becomes, in the hands of Agapecasa and Stellar Works, an exploration of the theatre notion as a place to see and to be seen at.

The outfitting of Agapecasa tells the prolific career of Angelo Mangiarotti in a travel of five acts where each stage is dedicated to an icon of the Mangiarotti Collection and where the visitor is immersed in the wonderful universe of a timeless beauty created by the polyhedral artist, being both spectator and actor, as in the script of a real play.

Each of the five spaces, conceived as small stages, is characterized by natural materials of Matteo Brioni and tells the work of the Milanese master through his products, project scratches and words printed in PVC on courtains.

Absolute debut for the Sk207 table, whose name recall the original theme printed by Angelo Mangiarotti of the project boards. The table consists of a circular marble surface, with different and elegant finishes and by a conic base with hyperbolic section. The latter is made with a bronze fusion, using the particular “lost wax” technique, a procedure with a high level of handcraft mastery used in the artistic and gold field. Besides the original table, has been also presented the new family of CAP53 vases, made with the same fusion technique.

It has been a pleasure for our Consolo Hub team to host this wonderful Fuorisalone 2019 event.