Officine de Rolandi

Thanks to an accurate renovation , that didn’t distort the identity of the de Rolandi workshops, they are ready to welcome anyone that will embrace its spirit

A new location for events, between art and excellent craftsmanship, it consists of a central room “the Capriate” of almost 280sq. m, with wood trusses, connected to the “Serra” of 40sq.m and the kitchen with multiphase power plugs for the catering and a storage room still provided with multiphase power plugs. Connected with the “Capriate” room there’s another room called the “Opificio”, of about 180sq.m, perfect for meetings and conferences.

The artistic essence of the de Rolandi workshops can hosts parties, meetings, events, exhibits, shootings and workshops. It is possible to rent laboratories to have any event related with the furniture’s world. Offices for architects, laboratories for designers, artisans and artists. The location is also a relaunch for art and excellent craftsmanship.

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