What is a sample sale

The Sample Sale is almost comparable to a real event. It is a possibility of profit for the brand and a great occasion for the consumer.

Usually it lasts not more than 5 days, and all the products not sold or used for exhibits and samples are lated sold at a really discounted price.

Consolo Production is an innovative and professional player, specialized also in the organization of these type of activities. It is a strategic retail business partner for the fulfillment of this commercial format suitable for your business.

Our company is highly specialized in the development of retail sales formats and in the management of Factory Stores and Outlet Boutiques.

Throughout the years, thanks to multiple collaborations with fashion, design, lifestyle, food & beverage Italian brands, we increased our skills and reached all the goals of our clients.

CP offers you all the services that your company needs, in a fast and efficient way, besides a integrated management of the retail which grants the growth of the brand and a direct connection with the customers.

Our experience in the management of different retail projects, taught us what are the fundamental aspects to build and effective retail campaign, like: the staff, furniture rental, cleaning services, insurances, permits, storage control, promotion and much more.